Welcome to the County Treasurer’s Office. This office is primarily responsible for collecting Real-Estate taxes and administering the lottery credit.


Annette M. Erickson, County Treasurer
Mary Mc Clintock, Deputy Treasurer
Debra Carney, Treasurer Clerk
Jeremiah Erickson, Real Property Coordinator

Department Documents

The blank spaces where money should be are new names from this year that we can not report the numbers yet.

***Return this completed form to the Monroe County Treasurer***

Monroe County Delinquent Tax List

This list contains the delinquent Real Estate taxes as of January 8, 2015 for the years 2013 and older for the entire County. This list does not include interest because it changes monthly, therefore please contact the Monroe County Treasurer’s Office at 608-269-8710 for the current payoff information.  This delinquent tax list does not include parcels that are flagged in bankruptcy.  You can obtain a printed copy of the delinquent tax list for a fee.  This information is updated quarterly.

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