Monroe County Solid Waste (Landfill)

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THE LANDFILL:  This landfill is open by agreement between Monroe County and the Town of Ridgeville only for permitted haulers/contractors.  It is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm only to permit holders on weekdays.  We require a $1000.00 deposit (cash or money order) in lieu of a credit check on new accounts, before the first transaction/landfill load.  Your deposit will be used towards your account payments until the initial deposit has been depleted (statement of account sent).  At this time, you will begin to receive monthly invoices, and may pay by check monthly (Net EOM payment terms). See Permit and Landfill Documents for Haulers link below.

PERMITS: Haulers and contractors, please read the Permit and Landfill documents below for information on setting up an account with Monroe County Solid Waste.  We must have signed permits before receiving waste. No special waste will be allowed without prior approval which may include lab analysis.  See Special Waste form below


LARGE ITEM DISPOSAL: Demolition, full house clean outs or large items, please contact the appropriate Town or Village Clerk for the Town or Village you live in, for disposal site hours and large item dates. Click Here  for City, village or township listing, or contact your municipality’s contracted garbage hauler for options.  Another option is to seek a roll-off contractor of your choice. There are public drop-off options in Tomah and Sparta for construction and large items for a fee, and several options for appliance disposal within Monroe County.  Follow this link for a List of Roll Off/dumpster companies below.

HOW TO DISPOSE OF TIRES/ELECTRONICS/TVs: We accept these banned from the landfill items Monday-Friday from 7:00 AM-3:30 PM.  MDS in Sparta and MDS in Tomah both take these items as well for a fee.  Call 608-269-4300 for Sparta MDS and 608-372-7897 for Tomah MDS pricing and drop off times.

Monroe County pricing on unacceptable landfill items:

  • tires: 14.5 cents per pound/$290.00 per ton
  • small electronics:(laptops/printers/dvd/vcrs/cpus/  ($10.00 each) NOTE:  Some items accepted free at Best Buy in Onalaska, and all Goodwill locations: open 7 days per week.
  • TVs and Monitors less than 25″ $15.00 each (DO NOT CUT CORDS)
  • very small electronics and peripherals such as key boards, boom boxes and computer speakers are free  (DO NOT CUT CORDS)
  • LARGE TVS: Cabinet TVs, and those with dimensions large than 26″ = $20.00 each at our Monroe County’s Ridgeville township landfill office. (DO NOT CUT CORDS)

*Prices are subject to change.  Businesses must make arrangements with an electronics recycler.

Per our recycling vendor, ELECTRONICS WITH CORDS REMOVED AND/OR DISASSEMBLED ELECTRONICS/TVS WILL BE CHARGED AT A HIGHER DISPOSAL RATE*.  *Rate is based on current rate determined by our disposal vendor.

Alternative Disposal locations: There are also other options available for electronics disposal in Tomah and Sparta on a Monday-Friday basis for fees.  Click Here

OIL/OIL FILTERS:  Places exist in Tomah and Sparta, such as  O’Reilly Auto (see policy), that will take 5 gallons of waste oil and 5 oil filters per day from households for free.  Walmart also takes waste oil.  BUSINESSES  AND CITIZENS WITH MORE THAN 5 GALLONS OF WASTE OIL AND 5 GAL OF FILTERS ARRIVING AT THE CLEAN SWEEP events will be charged a fee for disposal.     **Effective 05/01/17, We no longer will take filters and oil outside of our clean sweep events.**

HOW TO DISPOSE OF HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS  MATERIALS:   Monroe County receives a grant from the Department of Agriculture to offset the disposal costs of  Hazardous Materials. Since 2008, we have successfully held two collections per year, in the Spring and in the Fall, always the last Saturday of April and the first Saturday of October from 8 am until 2 pm.  In addition to this website, and our Facebook site, this is advertised via local newspapers and radio stations a week or two before the event.  Monroe County citizens can bring in unwanted ‘household and small non-commercial farm quantity hazardous materials’ such as:  Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, lawn fertilizers,pool chemicals, cleaners, etc.  At this event we also will accept oil based paints, thinners, controlled and uncontrolled prescription medications also for free.  Click here for learning how to dispose of non-hazardous latex based paint. PAINT & PAINT CAN DISPOSAL

Commercial farms and businesses must make arrangements for disposal through a facility.  See information listed below or call us if we can be of help in getting your business in contact with an agency.

During this event, we incorporate items NOT part of the grant, but difficult to dispose of.  Some of these items will have fees++: Fluorescent lighting++, CFL bulbs++, HID lamps++, lithium, lead acid car/motorcycle batteries and all sizes of rechargeables  and NiCad batteries.

No explosives, ammunition, fireworks, or picric acid.

Please see the safe transportation of hazardous waste  flyer below, and also the Fall 2018 Clean Sweep Flyer below.


HOUSEHOLDS: IF YOU MISS THE  SPRING/FALL SCHEDULED CLEAN SWEEP and need to dispose of materials asap, La Crosse County has a Household Hazardous Materials Facility, however fees will be imposed. The La Crosse facility is open year-round with specific public/business hours throughout the week and also the first and third Saturday of each month for citizen delivered items.  Call 608-785-9999 for dates, times and out-of-county fees.   BUSINESSES may  choose to contract  with La Crosse County, Veolia Milwaukee, or another company of your choice for disposal.   Click Here for La Crosse County forms

AGRICULTURAL PLASTICS:  Revolutions Plastics (an ag plastic recycler) is spotting dumpsters with select farms.  This business is not part of the Monroe County Operation and you must make your own contact/arrangements. Please call 844-490-7873 for information.   

The Monroe County Landfill will accept Ag plastics from farming operations for disposal at a drop off site for $49.00 ton effective 01/01/2016.   Please call for an appointment.  All loads must check in at the office for weigh-in before unloading. 


The Three R


PLEASE contact us to make this list complete!  If you know of a recycling source, please call us so we can help everyone to know their choices.

608-269-8783 Monroe County Landfill

CARDBOARD:  FREE disposal of quantity of flattened cardboard boxes.  Please keep dry before delivery to:  Modern Disposal Systems  608-269-4300 Sparta, 608-372-7897 Tomah.

plastic sackFREE Recycling of Plastic Grocery Sacks and Film Plastics: plastic wraps from water bottle cases, plastic ‘cases’ around toilet paper and paper toweling etc. Recycling during business hours: Kiosks available at WalMart, Gordy’s-Tomah, Hansen’s-Sparta.  Please help the environment by recycling your bags and heavier weight wrapping materials at one of these locations (05.26.16)

OIL and Oil filters:  O’Reilly Auto Part stores will take up to 5 filters and 5 gallons of oil per person per day for free, of uncontaminated oil (no foreign materials such as gas and water). Call first for large quantities, Sparta WI store. 269-2441 (03.09.2017)

Walmart will also take waste oil

CFLFREE Recycling of CFL (Curly-style Fluorescent bulbs) during business hours  at stores in the region such as: Home Depot-Onalaska and Scholze Hardware-Tomah  (05.26.16)  DO NOT throw in garbage as they contain hazardous materials (mercury).

broken cflBREAK A FLUORESCENT? and need to know how to properly clean up?  CFL’s have mercury vapor in them.  Learn how at:

BREAK A L.E.D LIGHT?  These are not hazardous as in CFLs.  Learn more:

meds sharps



Looking to get rid of sharps safely in Monroe County?  Please visit this DNR link to learn how at:

medboxFREE MEDICATION DROP OFF: Both the Sparta, WI and Tomah, WI Police Departments have locked boxes for dropping off unwanted controlled medications.  These containers are available year round.   There is no charge to you.

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