Welcome to the Sanitation Department.

If you live in an area of Monroe Countythat is not served by a public sewage disposal plant you need a private sewage disposal system to service a dwelling, business, etc. which has running water.

Sanitary permits are required to:

  • install a new system
  • repair an existing system
  • replace or modify an existing system
  • reconnect to an existing system
  • install a privy

To comply with State law and County Sanitation Ordinance requirements all private sewage systems shall be subject to an on-going inspection program.

At three-year intervals the County Sanitation Department will send you a certification form which must be signed by you and co-signed by a licensed plumber or a licensed septic tank pumper and then returned to the department.

The inspection form shall certify that the sewage disposal system is in proper operating condition; the system is being used for the purpose for which it was designed; and the septic is less than one-third (1/3) full of sludge and scum.

Remember that a good maintenance program and water conservation will insure a better operation and longer life for your waste disposal system.

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