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History of McMullen Memorial County Park

In 1958 Lester McMullen, Chairman of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors, appointed a committee consisting of John Adamski, Monroe County Conservation Warden; Merle Woodworth, Monroe County Forest Administrator; William Jessie, Forestry Committee Chairman; and Norman Culpitt to survey areas on the county forest which could be made into a park.  Of 4 areas surveyed, the present park site was the only area with a suitable water site.  This site did not look promising at first as the only access was by a narrow dirt road that was only passable for part of the year.  The flowage was created by damming Beltz Creek.  No prior land clearing had been done and the lake flooded a heavily wooded area.  Mr. McMullen was brought to the site and immediately announced that this would be the site for the park.  In the fall of 1958, Mr. Culpitt started construction of the park using recipients of welfare assistance.  The lake level was lowered and all of the dead trees were removed.  The present roads were cut out and shaled, toilets were constructed, and a well point was driven for water.  The park at this time was named Wazeda Park.  In 1971 Mr. McMullen passed away; and by Resolution Number 149, the County Board officially changed the name of the park to McMullen Park.  The lake is listed by the State of Wisconsin as Wazeda Lake.  McMullen Park was the first county park in Monroe County.  The Angelo Wayside was acquired from the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportion in 2010 and became the second county park.

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McMullen Park:  1704 Atlantic Rd, Warrens,WI 54666                                  Phone:  608-378-4913

2020 Camping Season Started May 15

PRIVIES ARE OPEN; SHOWER BLDG IS STILL CLOSED.  The campground capacity will be reduced, we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but will have to turn campers away when we reach our capacity.

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2020 Warrens Cranberry Festival has been cancelled.

Warrens Cranberry Festival:  September 24-26th, 2021

Seasonal Sites:  Opening of campground through October 15th, water & shower bldg. may not be available in April, October & November.


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The Monroe County Forestry Department is accepting sealed bids on five tracts of timber.  Bids are due at 2pm, Tuesday, April 28, 2020 .  Contact the Forestry Department for more details.  608-269-8635