The primary objective of the Land Information Office is to facilitate land records modernization.

Rural Addressing

The GIS Specialist is currently responsible for coordination of rural addressing in the County of Monroe. The address is significant because it enables you to communicate your location. One of the more important reasons for having a rural address is to enable emergency services such as the local fire department, emergency medical service provider or law enforcement to find you, but it also allows for you to accept mail and package delivery and is often necessary in order to acquire various services at the site location.  Addresses are typically issued for structures or improvements to land but some situations may warrant that an address be issued for a site location.

Applying for a Rural Address

Rural Address Applications can be obtained through the Monroe County Sanitation & Zoning Department at 608-269-8939 (An address application will automatically be mailed to the property owner when a soil and site evaluation (perc test) has been completed and filed with the Sanitation Department.)

Information required for Rural Address application submission to Town Clerk:

  1. Completed Application.
  2. An aerial photo or Certified Survey Map with location of access and the site or structure intended to be addressed clearly indicated. (Aerial photos can be printed from the County Website at ) Contact the GIS Specialist if you need assistance at 608-269-8698.
  3. County Fee $10 application processing fee made out to: Monroe County Sanitation & Zoning (exact change – no credit cards).
  4. Town Fee (determined by each Town individually)

Address application process: 

  1. The applicant obtains and fills out the form.
  2. The application is submitted to the Town Clerk along with segregated fees (Town fees & County fees).
  3. The Town clerk or other designated representative records any information they need and forwards the form to the County GIS Specialist in the Sanitation & Zoning Office.
  4. A rural address number is tentatively determined by the GIS Specialist based on the map provided with the application and a final determination is made as to whether a second sign is necessary.
  5. The GIS Specialist contacts the applicant and positional accuracy is verified a final time.
  6. Once verification is made the sign(s) will be ordered. It can take as many as 6 weeks for the signs to be made and delivered.
  7. Confirmation is mailed to a local town representative and applicant.
  8. Address signs are installed near the corner of the driveway and main thoroughfare. If you are required to have two signs (structure/residence located on a private road) the property owner is responsible for placing the second sign near the corner of the property driveway and private road. Please call 811 before you dig.


*If the structure/residence is located on a private drive and/or private subdivision road the purchase and placement of two signs is required per Sec. 11-31 of the Monroe County Code of Ordinances. Contact the Town Clerk or Sanitation & Zoning Office if you are unsure.

Contact information for the Town Clerks can be found in the Monroe County Official Directory online at:

Any questions regarding these procedures can be directed to the GIS Specialist at 608-269-8698.


The Town or their designee may charge the applicant or landowner reasonable and necessary fees for placement of addresses, cost of the sign, cost of the post or cost of a replacement sign or post. Such fee must be set by an official action of the Town.

On March 3, 2004 the Monroe County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution allowing the Emergency Management Department to charge a $10.00 administration fee to cover the costs of the supplies (paper, envelopes, postage, ink cartridges etc.), process the application and to assign a rural address. This fee took affect beginning May 10, 2004. The fee will be noted on the Rural Address Applications and must be submitted, with the application, to the Town Clerk.  As of January 1, 2016 this duty will be handled by the GIS Specialist.

Forms and Policies

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