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PREAMBLE: With an emphasis on the County Highway Department providing services to the citizens of Monroe County that are not economically available from the private sector: PRIMARY MISSION: County Winter maintenance services, Non-winter County emergency services, Year-round emergency service assistance to Local Governments of Monroe County SECONDARY MISSION: With the County Highway Department personnel and equipment necessary to provide the PRIMARY MISSION — Non-winter maintenance services that (in priority order): 1) are economically competitive with comparable services provided by the private sector and, 2) economically utilitze Department owned equipment required to uphold the primary mission Adopted: January 21, 2011 by the Monroe County Highway Committee

CTH M Wilton Closure

CTH EW News Release

Notice of Highway Closure CTH A

Weight Posting Release

Local Bridge Posting Revision

CTH U Bridge Restriction

Department Documents

Driveway Permit Application

  • Application for permit to construct driveway on county trunk highways

CTH Winter Maintenance Guidelines

Utility Permit within Highway Right-Of-Way

40-ton-Special-Weight-Limitations-Posting-News-Release Protected

Overweight Permit Application-Used for Single & Multiple Loads

Seasonal Overweight Permit Application

ATV Policy Monroe County