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County Highway M Bridge News Release

County Highway Q Road Closure

Roadside Mowing News Release

ATV UTV News Release

2017 ATV UTV Route Requests

Monroe County ATV UTV Ordinance

Monroe County ATV UTV Current Resolution

Hiawatha Avenue Bridge News Release

County Highway N Road Closure

Mission Statement

PREAMBLE: With an emphasis on the County Highway Department providing services to the citizens of Monroe County that are not economically available from the private sector: PRIMARY MISSION: County Winter maintenance services, Non-winter County emergency services, Year-round emergency service assistance to Local Governments of Monroe County SECONDARY MISSION: With the County Highway Department personnel and equipment necessary to provide the PRIMARY MISSION — Non-winter maintenance services that (in priority order): 1) are economically competitive with comparable services provided by the private sector and, 2) economically utilitze Department owned equipment required to uphold the primary mission Adopted: January 21, 2011 by the Monroe County Highway Committee

Department Documents

Driveway Permit Application

  • Application for permit to construct driveway on county trunk highways

CTH Winter Maintenance Guidelines

Utility Permit within Highway Right-Of-Way

40-ton-Special-Weight-Limitations-Posting-News-Release Protected

Overweight Permit Application-Used for Single & Multiple Loads

2017 Seasonal Weight Restrictions Lifted March 31, 2017

Seasonal Overweight Permit Application