Hazardous Materials Response Team

The Monroe County Hazardous Materials Response Team was formed in 1990 to safely mitigate emergencies involving hazardous material leaks / spills within our jurisdiction, provide mutual aid assistance and maximize use of limited resources. As a result, in 1990 the Monroe County Hazardous Materials response Team was officially created, with the Emergency Management Department serving as the oversight department. Today, this 30 member response team includes volunteers from Local Fire Departments, Emergency Management, Environmental Management; Local Companies, EMS Agencies, County Highway Department and Law Enforcement.

There will be three levels of dispatching based on the incident; east side, west side or full team response. East side and west side designation was put in place for the smaller spills that do not require a full team response.


What is a “hazardous material?”

A hazardous material, by definition, is “any element, compound or substance that poses an unreasonable risk to health or property and which, because of handling, storage, processing or packaging, may have detrimental effects on emergency personnel, the public, equipment and/or the environment.”


  • Randy Heimke, Chief (Sparta)
  • Larry Woodliff, Asst. Chief (Tomah)

Emergency Response Vehicle

















This vehicle was purchased June 6, 2004 from Pierce Mfg, Appleton, WI using funding through the Homeland Security Equipment Grant.