Corporation Counsel

Welcome to the Monroe County Corporation Counsel Office.

The Monroe County Corporation Counsel serves as the legal advisor to the County Board, County Board Committees, and the County Administrator.  The office of the corporation counsel is authorized by Wis. Stats. 59.42 to prosecute, investigate and defend civil and administrative actions involving the county and its various departments.


  • Prosecute the mental commitments, alcohol and drug commitments.
  • Prosecute matters relating to some guardianships and protective placements.
  • Prosecute child in need of protection and services cases, and involuntary termination of parental rights cases.
  • Prosecute all matters relating to zoning enforcement.
  • Prosecute all matters relating to child support including paternity establishment and child support enforcement cases.
  • Commence legal action to collect on outstanding accounts due to the county.
  • Provide legal advice and court representation for all county departments and committees.
  • Serve as legal advisor to the county board.
  • Research, draft and issue legal opinions, ordinances, resolutions, real estate documents and contracts.
  • Serve as resource for parliamentary issues, ethics issues, open meetings and public records issues for county officials and departments.   Under the Monroe County Ethics Code, ethics complaints are filed with the corporation counsel office.